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Jordan Scholl- Welcome

          It’s finally here! I have spent tireless hours constructing, deconstructing, and reconstructing the concepts of this website in my mind, and countless more (with the help of WordPress and friends who know a bit about code) bringing those ideas to fruition.


          The VoiceNotes is a website and blog designed to educate and entertain you, the readers, with current research and general musings on the human voice. I could go on for a year’s worth of posts just discussing my passion for the voice and its many intricacies… what? No takers? Well lucky for you, in the interest of not boring you all into a catatonic state, I will refrain. What I will say however is that this has always been a dream of mine: to harness my passion for both music and science and use it to reach out to those who can benefit.


          The blog portion of the website is divided into a few key components for convenience:

  1. posts concerning the physiology and anatomy of vocal production can be found under the heading Getting to Know Your Voice
  2. posts concerning current topics and issues in vocal health and performance practice can be found under the heading Healthy Voice, Healthy Living
  3. posts that are full of my random rants, rambles and thoughts concerning myths or discussions I have had (or want to have) can be found under the heading Vocal Musings


          To supplement the main blogging portion of this website, there are various areas to explore and intrigue you. So don’t be afraid to take a look around!


          The final thing to say as a welcome to you all is that I don’t want The VoiceNotes to become a blog where I simply post at you. If you have questions, comments, ideas for posts, or concerns about anything that is posted I encourage an open, respectful, and (dare I say) titillating forum of discussion. If you have any questions particularly pertaining to a post you don’t want to be public or have any questions about me or what I do, feel free to contact me using the contact form.


          Whether you are a singer, actor, teacher, public speaker, manager (insert any other profession that places significant exertion on their voice from day-to-day) or just someone looking for general education or entertainment, I hope that The VoiceNotes will provide a positive outlet and experience for you. And overtime, I hope it can act as a resource that helps to get you as excited about your voice as I am!

Welcome to the VoiceNotes

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